The US represents a huge opportunity for UK-based tech companies, whether they be hardware or software orientated.

Predicted spend – 2017

Hardware: Network operators predict to spend in excess of $30bn on devices*

Software: Venture Capital tech sector investment expected to approach $100bn mark**

* Source: Based on 2016 spend of ‘Big Four’ network operators
** Source: Based on 2106 VC quarterly spend – 30 Dec 2016

The sheer scale of the US market means that, if approached with intelligence and local know-how, rich rewards and a significant revenue stream can be secured.

But where to start?

We may share a language, but the commercial landscape and routes to market are not necessarily the same.

Many UK tech organisations have tried and failed to penetrate the US market, and often at considerable expense.

You need to know whether your plans are feasible, you need unbiased advice as to how to approach the market, and you need to make the right connections and to choose the right partners to maximize your opportunity.

Monarch Tech will help you scope out your US development plans and make things actually happen for your business.

We specialize in business development that translates your new technology and consumer insights into actionable product marketing plans delivering breakthrough results.

And should your focus be on software, we have connections within the US tech Venture Capitalist community and can facilitate funding support.

And we understand precisely the problem you are faced with – our founder Andrew King is a fellow Brit, with tremendous experience in launching products and technology in the US. Andrew was formerly the Executive Leader for OEM partner management at T-Mobile USA, a team that selected and successfully launched over 500 devices through all T-Mobile customer-facing channels.

Furthermore Andrew’s intimate knowledge, understanding and close relationship with the US vendor and distribution networks puts us in an enviable position to be of significant value to UK tech companies.

Monarch Tech exists to open doors, make connections and maximize opportunities – to help international companies launch new products and technologies into the lucrative US market.

Next steps

There is a process.

The first task is to understand as much as possible about your business, what you’ve done to date and to scope out a credible launch strategy for entry into the US market.

There are four stages to the process:

Stage 1: The Health Check
Tell us about your products/service and your aspirations for the US and we’ll give you a topline assessment of your prospects

Stage 2: The Deeper Dive
Complete our Feasibility Brief and we’ll prepare an in-depth assessment and advice as to how you might proceed in order to launch your products/services successfully

Stage 3: Business Development
We’ll action the Deeper Dive, scope out meaningful marketing and business strategies – we’ll initiate connections with key contacts on your behalf and pave the way for you to create the infrastructure around a product/service launch in the US

Stage 4: On-Going Support
We will act as your de-facto agent in the US – exploring, negotiating, securing and managing commercial deals on your behalf

And we have a great connection in the UK to help you. Our UK-based Senior Vice President Andy Tyne has spent his entire career in the advertising business, with agencies primarily working in the technology sector.

For more information and/or to arrange an informal introductory meeting, you can contact Andy at

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Opportunities in the US – a summary presentation

Opportunities in the US – a more detailed PowerPoint presentation (including costs)

Get started with our UK-specific Feasibility Brief

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